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Azad Kashmir Tours

Heavenly Kashmir

An Unforgettable Adventure-land for the Bold

Azad Kashmir is in Pakistan’s far north, western edge of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on Earth. Towering peaks like Jamgarh and Sarwali loom large above fertile green valleys.

Though this area has been long the scene of both political struggles and sometimes violent seismic activity, it remains one of the most naturally beautiful and tranquil areas on the subcontinent, with thrilling opportunities for intrepid travelers to explorate.

This intriguing and mysterious land conceals in its rugged scenery millennia of unendingly eventful history and a rich multicultural heritage. One-sixth the size of adacent Gilgit-Baltistan, this spectacular region can be combined with is sister province on adventure-filled expeditions and treks.

Do you have a brave heart? Let’s give you a preview of what awaits you in exotic Kashmir.


Kashmiri peaks may not be quite as high as some of the other Himalayan summits further east, but they are prominent, spectacular, and challenging in the extreme. For the adventure traveler, they appear as tempting as they are untouchable. Yet with expert guidance and accompaniment, they may be approached and enjoyed in all their raw power and beauty.

Sarwali, also known as Dabbar Peak, soars to an altitude of 6,326 metres (20,755 ft) above sea level where the Neelam and Shounter Valleys meet. Its rugged slopes host the Toshain Glacier towering over the Rupal Valley. It is the highest point in the province, never successfully scaled to its summit. That untouched allure tempts serious climbers, but less extreme adventure-seeking travelers can venture to trek its ridgeline and other scenic points on its rugged slopes.

Ganga Choti
This pyramidical peak near the town of Bani Minhasan in the Bagh District gives way to distinctive green slopes looming majestic over the tree-covered valley below, filled with grazing cattle, fir tree forests, and agricultural lands.


This northern alley shares a picturesque village and a river with lush green banks clinging to the rugged rocky slopes. Above it soar snow-capped peaks, graced by glaciers visible year-round. Characteristic houses with red and blue roofs dot the narrow lime green fields.

The small town of Shadra flanks the banks of the Neelum river at an altitude of nearly 2000 metres. Clear blue skies filled with fluffy white clouds are typical, and steep slopes lead up to snow-capped mountainsides. A quaint bridge spans the river and permits foot-traffic across.

Your Next Trek

For the intrepid adventurer, Kashmir is a wondrous destination that will live forever in your memory and your heart. Your friends back home will look on with envy and awe as you show of the region’s otherworldly vistas and unique blend of cultures. If its towering peaks, and blue-green lakes and valleys call to you, just contact us with a click. Our travel experts will tailor your trek and ensure your safety and comfort in Pakistan’s most daunting and extreme region. An exotic place not for the faint of hear. But maybe just for you!